Hi! I'm Nookie. 

I started the Swinglers as a way to make an event that feels like a big event that could cost hundreds, even thousands to travel to and attend accessible to RDU. 

The Mingler itself was a group effort. 

The Swinglers are my brain children. That's why the first one was my birthday party in 2022. 

The fee that "experienced Swinglers" pay goes to The House. 

The $15 on top of that is going to food, supplies, purchasing some furniture, and so on. 

We are charging $15 to first-time Swinglers ONLY.

Everyone else just has to pay to get into The House. 

We run other Mingler events at no cost right now. We look for spaces we do not have to pay for.

Some spaces require a certain size of group or minimum buy, which we can meet with our usual groups, but not necessarily with our MOC or rainbow mafia gatherings. 


To help buy things to make those events BEYOND. A night to step into a fantasy world full of acceptance and sexiness and kink and...whatever our hearts desire.

And for first time Swingler people, it's a way to make sure that you are serious. That you don't RSVP, then ghost. 

A way to make sure you are not just wanting to look at free titties (or gawk at the freaks or whatever). 

A way to allow people who are new to all this to come in through the sexy door that you think you want, and FIND community (or not), even without the "in" that other parties in the area require. 

A small cost for the hand-holding, orientation, attitude correction, and overall WORK we put into making the VIBE right for everyone, of all genders, relationship statuses, orientations, and more.


At $45, that is STILL less than a single man pays to attend The House (when they are allowed). 

(That is something I had to fight for with The House. Genderless admission, BTW.)

Some people have asked about "new people" buying their way in.

To my mind, that is a fair question. 

But they can't just pay that $15 and GET IN. 

First-timers also still have to do the online orientation for the events, which lasts a week or so. They have to participate in our event channels, too. To post an intro. To connect a bit. 

If they are not able to do that smalle bit to assure that they understand the rules we play by and to show they want to be a part of the culture we create, we tell them they are not invited until they become a more active and loved member of the we-connect-as-humans-community.

There have been two people in the Swingler channels so far that needed correction. Both new.

Four people who got minor complaints against them from the event (bad vibes sorts of complaints).

One was a new person who was corrected. Another is now a happy, active, and loved Mingler, and another is semi-active, and was not specifically corrected. The last has been removed for being a bad culture fit. 

It's that simple. 

Putting on an event like this is a lot of work.

My attitude is always "do the work."

OFFER something more. Become a part of the community. Make friends. 

OR (and this is just as valid), discover that the friends-connections-first vibe that we go for and the work it takes to make that happen is not for you, and instead attend less-vetted/less-kinky swinger events that you don't have to prove that you will be a fun kinky sexy person to be around to attend. 

That's OK, too. 

But if you ever wonder why we do things the way we do, you can just reread this and know that we are (I am) VERY focused on making each and every Swingler a night to remember for ALL in a safe, sexy, fun, and accepting space.