Hypnosis has been used for centuries to induce dreams, recall memories, and transform habits. So it makes sense that it could also be used to inspire pleasure. That would be erotic hypnosis, sometimes referred to as hypno-sex. But the erotic in erotic hypnosis means far more than just orgasms.

Erotic hypnosis can take the form of a hands-free orgasm, a pleasurable and relaxing state of mind, or erotic play and fun. One person guides another person into a trance-like state using just their voice and then suggests certain attitudes, behaviors, or actions.

Erotic hypnosis enhances the things that you already enjoy. It can draw things out that would otherwise stay hidden, allow you to be more sensitive, and lower inhibition if that's what you want.

Reasons someone may want to practice erotic hypnosis:

  • Increase awareness of touch, mind, and sensation

  • Control pleasure during or after trance

  • Induce hands-free orgasms

  • Enhance role-play and fantasy

  • Experience something "taboo"

  • Transform a kink or fetish

  • Let go and relax

In this workshop, we’ll be exploring how erotic hypnosis can enhance your relationship and romantic bonding. We’ll cover how-to hypnotize, best practices for consent and trust, and how to create erotic pleasure for and with each other.

Friday, September 15th at The Hampton Inn in Downtown Raleigh

NOON - 9:00PM

Do you have any hypnosis experience?
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This covers our cost of flying bast_kitty in from Chicago, putting her up. celebrating her in the manner to which she has become accustomed, renting our practice space, and some light snacks and refreshments at the event. 

Space and attendance is limited. 


All Mingler Community Guidelines apply. 

See the ✅-community channel for a refresher. They apply to ALL Mingler events, anywhere, anytime. 

Do I have to have sex or am I expected to be naked? 

Simply put, no. 

This is an erotic hypnosis workshop. We will be focusing on our minds far more than our bodies, and no nudity is planned or expected. 

No means no!

When it comes to hypnosis, erotic or otherwise, trust and consent are paramount. Part of this workshop will be covering consent. 

What should I wear? 

Casual, comfortable clothing. Things that you might wear to a yoga class, or a movie night. 

We want you to feel relaxed, so you can also bring pillows, blankets, cushions...whatever enhances your relaxation, learning, and romantic/erotic headspace. 

Do I have to be coupled? 

No. In fact, we will all be practicing being the hypnotist and the subject, with various people, to get a good feel for it, and to start off with the best possible practices. 

If you are coupled, you and your partner will have plenty of opportunities to practice and collaborate on pleasure. 

What is the schedule? 

12pm - 2pm: The basics of Erotic hypnosis.

30-minute break

2:30pm - 5:30pm: How-To Hypno, Practice.

90-minutes for dinner 

7pm - 9pm: The Basics of Bonding + Review and Homework

Rules are non-negotiable. 

We are serious about every single rule we have. 

So much so that if a rule is broken, it is a mandatory 1 year ban from all events and the Mingler discord server, no exceptions. Other action may be taken, depending on severity.